Washington DC Nightclubs Thrive Thanks To Close DJ Connections

To say that the Washington DC nightlife industry has evolved more than once over the years would be an understatement. District hotspots come and go quickly, with each wave introducing a reimagined space that is bigger and grander than the next.

The nightclubs in Washington DC that stand the test of time are those who place an important emphasis on relationships. Reinforcing a hospitality brand’s connection with customers is absolutely important, but often times it’s the behind-the-scene bonds that provide the most benefit.

Even with different layouts and hospitality concepts, it seems that all great nightclubs also have great DJs as well. The music not only sets the tone for a venue, but can also create an entire experience (bringing their loyal band of fans with them.)

The Living Room knows this better than anyone else. We regularly feature a series of local DC DJs at our venue, each bringing their individual style to the table. One can commonly find the likes of DJ’s Vicious, Ri5e, Biks and Lil’ Deville in our booth on any given night because the return is in the experience.

Part owner and fellow DJ, Chris Valentin, verified this from his own background. “I’ve been a full time DJ since 2005 in the Washington, DC area. I’ve found that a lot of DJ’s have come and gone in that time period. The one’s who have the staying power are the one’s who have a vast musical knowledge that goes back to the 60s, 70s, 80s etc.,” Valentin explained. “And not just your run of the mill “push play” DJs, but DJ’s who take their career seriously. Not only are they able to play for different crowds, they are able to change the feeling of the room in a matter of minutes. At Living Room, I hand pick DJ’s to play our Saturday Night’s because after all these years, there’s only so many I trust that can work a room like they can.”

Instagram Star Slut Whisperer To Host Party at DC Nightclub

There’s nothing we love more at our Washington DC nightclub than a really, really good party. That’s why we host a variety of DJs and other notable personalities; we’re all about making each night bigger and better than the one before.

Instgram star Krill will be in house turning things up on Thursday, September 29th, for a celebration unlike anything the District has seen before. Boasting nearly 1 million followers, the aptly known @slutwhisperer is infamous for his rowdy parties filled with champagne and sexy women.

There is no denying that he’ll bring all the expected antics in tow when he visits the Living Room. Don’t miss your chance to party with Krill!


Living Room Nightclub To Host First Battle Of The Bartenders Event

We’re all about the best of the best that Washington’s hospitality industry has to offer at our DC nightclub, and this Wednesday we’re putting on an event that proves it.

Join us at The Living Room on June 15th, 2016 as we host the first ever Battle of the Bartenders competition! Starting at 10pm, we’ll have the three best behind the bar from Arlington’s A-Town Bar & Grill and Don Tito in attendance to flex their mixology muscles for top prize. Each team will be judged on various categories including speed, promotions and overall sales. And since we love partying for a really worthy cause, proceeds from the event will be donated to the local Big Brothers Big Sisters charity.

For more information on the 2016 Battle of the Bartenders, please call us at 202-347-8601.